Radiation, Immunotherapy and Physical Therapy

I resorted to cotton tops during the entire radiation process until the new skin came in. It takes a toll on your clothing because of the cream and dry skin sticking to it. Even now, after seven months of the treatment, the skin is dark in that area. There is still no hair in the armpit area, and the entire area gets tightened periodically.


From my friend - Teri himmat hee kuch aisi haiKi har Rog haar jaayeTera hausla kuch aisa haiKi har ilaaj kamyaab ho jaayeTu khud ko sambhalHum bhagwan ko sambhal lengeHaath tu apne taaqat se uthaHum apne dua mein uthaye rakhenge  ------------------------------------------------------------------ Haath uthakar maangu kya Tu toh jaanta sab haiTere liye mushkil kyaTu hum sab ka … Continue reading Quotes