Staying Powered in the Cancer Marathon Journey

Shingles discoloration can be seen on the forehead Since my previous blog - I choose to SMILE, I have been holding up pretty well. I posted emotional blogs the last few times and wanted to share a quick update on my health and address some commonly asked questions - How do I Motivate myself? How … Continue reading Staying Powered in the Cancer Marathon Journey

Bulldozing Phase 1 Chemo

Most days, especially the week of chemo, I feel a truck has hit me, or I have gotten beaten to a pulp. So waking up in the morning is a real challenge. The desire to live for my family, mental strength, and passion for work gets tested every day in the morning. These are the three things that push me to get out of bed every day.

Chemo Phase 2

The new me taken after 11 chemo. Baby Yoda is my hairless family team member. Grateful — Thank you for being there for us!! What can I say — It is so tough for me to put it into words. Thank you for the overwhelming response to the part-1 blog. My phone was buzzing with … Continue reading Chemo Phase 2